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multi-purpose multi-thread post!

This post is a jumping off point for bar-shaped shenanigans.

Assume that, by default, there is a bar and that Artemis is in it.

The rest is up to you.
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"Artemis! Just who I wanted to see!"

Aphrodite's sun-streaked hair is loose and beachy, her lips perfectly red and her sunglasses gigantic. She beams as she wraps Artemis in a brief, one-armed hug (her other hand is holding a tumbler) and smacks a kiss to her cheek.

"First of all, I want to tell you about my juice cleanse. Second, I have gossip."

Whatever's in that glass, it only incidentally smells like juice.
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Aphrodite siiiighs, and settles gracefully into the seat beside her with a theatrical sip of her drink.

"All right," she says, "I can be flexible."

She smiles, foxily.

"It's about Eppy."
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"--He was married?"

Oh Eppy, Eppy, EPPY.

You've got some 'splaining to do.

"Wait, tell me that story next: I don't know about marriage, but I caught him canoodling in here the other month with a very pretty boy."
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"Ghosts ...?"


Aphrodite's brow furrows, but that gives you wrinkles and there's hotties to discuss. She makes a little effort, smiles again, and primly crosses her legs.

"Well his name is Matt," she says. "And not only does he seem very sweet--he gave me a maple sugar candy--but you won't believe it, he's a little bit of a sorcerer."
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"Wait wait I didn't even get to the best part," Aphrodite gushes.

And drinks.

"It's sex. Sex magic. Erotic worship, that's what he told me he does."

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... Epimetheus, oblivious to other goings on, wanders in with a guitar slung over his back and heads for the bar, whistling "Tombstone Blues."
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"Hey, booze!" Epimetheus says, and then, in the exact same tone, "Hey, Artemis!"

What a delightful turn of events!

"Cheers, cousin."

. . . Wait.

"What family?" he asks, picking up the whiskey and taking an appreciative sip.
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"Hey, Leto." Leto's decent people -- Uncle Coeus's kid -- shame about the thing with Zeus. "How's she doing?"
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He chuckles into his drink.

"Aw, thanks. Soon as I finish this, I'll take you up on that."

Very casually, he adds, "'Dite already left?"
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At some point or other, Matt's at a booth in the bar.

He feels a bit twitchy, given the whole recent kidnapping attempt, so to distract himself he's making charms. At this stage, the project mostly involves arranging metal flakes, salts, and bunches of herbs; picking odds and ends from a shoebox of leather strips, thread spools, and old jewelry; and setting the latter alongside the former to see how they suit each other.

Now and then, he swallows a spoonful of the curry at his elbow.
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Matt's fairly absorbed in his task, but not absorbed enough to miss a big dog in his line of sight. He doesn't see many canines in here.

(Assuming this is a creature that self-identifies as a dog, and not a shapeshifter or fairy or wizard or something.)

"Uh ... hey," he greets.
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Matt laughs, charmed. He likes animals well enough, he just never really became a dog or a cat person--his parents didn't let them have pets growing up. Something something allergies, something something expensive furniture.

The dog may ignore the whistle, but he glances up quickly.
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He frowns.

And glances to the dog.

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