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dvd recording : southern comfort skydiving school, 09/08/08

"...Is it on? Did you get it?"

"Yeah, man, we're rolling. What d'you want me to say?"

"Nothing yet--dude, quit pointing it at the floor." The image--which up until now has been of some cream colored linoleum--shifts shakily up and resolves into a blurry image of a woman's face. There's some muttering and then the focus resolves. Artemis grins into the camera. "Hey, Jim. This is for you--the video that's hopefully going to convince you to let me on board military aircraft. The man holding the camera is my good buddy, Brian Weaver--"

The camera swings around to an extreme close up of bleach blond hair and tan skin. "Hi!" Brian manages a frantic wave before turning the camera back on Artemis.

"--who runs the skydiving school in these parts, and will be my trusty camera man in this jump. We're jumping at 13,000 feet and...we'll probably be turning the camera off until we get a little bit closer to that height. Bye for--"

The screen goes black.

When the picture comes back, it's on the plane. Artemis' face is partly obscured by her helmet and goggles, but no one could miss that grin. "Here we go!"

The jump--for the few minutes it lasts--is smooth and uneventful. Artemis keeps her tricks to a minimum and just focuses on a safe jump and an easy landing.

"So--" Artemis takes over the camera once she's on the ground, holding it at arms' length from her face. "--that was a pretty typical jump for me, and if you want to see more, just lemme know and...we can try to put together a montage or something." She laughs. "See you around!"

And scene.